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The Laramie Chronicles

My stories are based on the Laramie TV Show which aired between 1959 and 1963, staring Robert Fuller as Jess Harper and John Smith as Slim Sherman,two friends running a Ranch and Relay Station in 1870’s Wyoming.

Some stories also feature their housekeeper Mrs Daisy Cooper played by Spring Byington and Mike Williams their Ward played by Dennis Holmes.
Other characters featured were Sheriff Mort Corey, Stage driver Mose Shell,Slim’s younger brother Andy Sherman and an old family friend named Jonsey.

The stories are sometimes theme led as in Loved lost Survived where the subject of bereavement is explored, within the parameters of early 1870 western America.Many of the stories deal with issues of the time from lawlessness to the problems involved in eking out a living in the untamed west. The main framework of all the stories is the enduring friendship between the two, very different main characters.

Slim Sherman is the honest, straightforward ranch owner, who is a worrier and likes to do everything by the book and within the letter of the law. However once he befriends Jess Harper drifter, and ex gunslinger with a wild streak, his life changes forever. The unlikely duo team up and eventually become partners in the business but many trials and tribulations abound and life is never plain sailing.

I hope you will enjoy my take on this popular series. I have been writing these stories for over four years and have completed over fifty, many available on various Fanfic sites. It is my aim to compile them on this site,in time,as I have had many requests to collect them all together, so welcome to the new home of my Laramie Chronicles.


#85 Finding Christmas

Finding Christmas
Patty Wilkinson
(Some strong language, adult themes and violence...but not much!)

Many thanks to Jenny Prout for the lovely screen cap.

Chapter 1
The run up to Christmas was a busy and exciting time for most folk in Laramie. The Day itself was a time for ranchers to relax and take a step away from the often-backbreaking hard work and inclement weather; to spend a few hours in the good company of family and friends.
For the women folk the few weeks leading up to the special day were an especially busy time of preparation, baking, bringing in supplies, cleaning and of course making or buying gifts for their loved ones.
As for the children it was a time of unremitting excitement and much speculation as to what Santa would bring them that year. For even the lowliest of homes tried to provide a special present for the youngsters albeit often homemade by Pa in the barn. Many a rocking horse or doll’s house were fashioned, painted and wrapped in the dead of night, by candle light in the chilly barn.
As the days progressed preparations increased, with housewives getting short tempered in the heat of a busy kitchen, whilst over excited children were underfoot and made mischief. That was the signal for the menfolk to take themselves off on some pretext or other, returning later in the day when the children were abed and once more peace prevailed.
Two weeks before the big day, the Sherman spread was a hive of activity as well.Read More »


#84 The Language of Friendship

The Language of Friendship

By Patty Wilkinson

(Some violent scenes, strong language and adult themes)

Thank you to Michelle Butler for excellent screen cap

Chapter 1
Jess Harper was striding down Laramie Main Street whistling to himself; a happy smile on his handsome features. The sun was shining, he had money in his back pocket and he was on his way to see his girl Millie. All was right with the world.
He was so busy contemplating the next few hours of dancin’ and romancin’ with his gal he wasn’t looking where he was going and ran slap bang into a tall slender man just emerging from the mercantile.
Both ricocheted back and then their eyes met and Jess gave a gasp of shocked surprise.
“Pete... Pete Brown is that you?”
The other nodded smiling broadly, “Howdy Jess...I was coming over to visit with you tomorrow; didn’t expect to find you here.”
Jess studied the other and tried to keep the smile on his face, but Jeez Pete was a mess. He looked far and away older than his mid-thirties, his face haggard and almost grey...his body slender to the point of emaciation. Hell, the guy looked really sick.
But then Pete broke into his thoughts and slapping him on the back said, “Well aren’t you going to buy an old buddy a drink then huh?”
“Sure,” said Jess pulling himself together and returning the grin and the pair made their way on down the street to the saloon.
Once Jess had introduced Pete to Millie, they took their drinks to a quiet table to talk; Jess promising to see his girl a little later.
“She sure is a looker,” Pete said appreciatively. Taking a small sip of his beer he glanced over to where Millie was still serving at the bar, before her night off.
“So are you two heading out later huh?” he asked with a wink.
Jess nodded, “Yup...but never mind about all that. What are you doin’ way up here...and where is little Beth...she is with you?”
“Sure, she’s over at the hotel. She was kinda tired after the long journey and having an early night. Not so little now either Jess.”
Jess smiled. Gee Beth was such a sweet child he remembered.
“She must be what ten...eleven now?”
Pete shook his head, “Nope just turned thirteen and going to be a real stunner just like her Ma.”
Both men suddenly sobered at the memory of Pete’s beautiful wife Lizzy, gunned down in her prime.
Jess sat quietly for a moment casting his mind back to the tragic events of that day nearly eight years ago...Read More »