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The Laramie Chronicles

My stories are based on the Laramie TV Show which aired between 1959 and 1963, staring Robert Fuller as Jess Harper and John Smith as Slim Sherman,two friends running a Ranch and Relay Station in 1870’s Wyoming.

Some stories also feature their housekeeper Mrs Daisy Cooper played by Spring Byington and Mike Williams their Ward played by Dennis Holmes.
Other characters featured were Sheriff Mort Corey, Stage driver Mose Shell,Slim’s younger brother Andy Sherman and an old family friend named Jonsey.

The stories are sometimes theme led as in Loved lost Survived where the subject of bereavement is explored, within the parameters of early 1870 western America.Many of the stories deal with issues of the time from lawlessness to the problems involved in eking out a living in the untamed west. The main framework of all the stories is the enduring friendship between the two, very different main characters.

Slim Sherman is the honest, straightforward ranch owner, who is a worrier and likes to do everything by the book and within the letter of the law. However once he befriends Jess Harper drifter, and ex gunslinger with a wild streak, his life changes forever. The unlikely duo team up and eventually become partners in the business but many trials and tribulations abound and life is never plain sailing.

I hope you will enjoy my take on this popular series. I have been writing these stories for over four years and have completed over fifty, many available on various Fanfic sites. It is my aim to compile them on this site,in time,as I have had many requests to collect them all together, so welcome to the new home of my Laramie Chronicles.


#88 Northern Grit

Northern Grit
Patty Wilkinson

(Some strong language, violence and adult themes)

NOTE: This story set in series one and before Jess’s relationship with Millie.

MANY THANKS TO: My friend Pam Knych Klawinski for the perfect screen caps.

DEDICATED TO: My friend Pat Broome from one ‘Northern Lass’ to another !

Chapter 1

“All I’m saying is we’ve got to be careful for a while Andy, tighten our belts some...”
Slim Sherman, his younger brother Andy and Jess Harper were sitting around the table having what Slim called a business meeting.
“But why,” asked the youngster, “it ain’t like I ever spend money. I don’t get the dang chance.”
“Isn’t like you ever spend any,” Slim said irritably, correcting the boy’s grammar yet again.
“Well, that’s what I just said,” Andy replied indignantly. “I never go any dang place to spend it...even if I had any which...I don’t.”
“And don’t pepper every sentence with dang,” Slim added frowning.
“Why not Jess does, ”came the quick as a flash reply.
“Exactly,” said Slim glaring at the dark-haired cowboy opposite him.
“Dang ain’t cussin’,” Jess said lightly. “If ya really wanna hear proper cussin’...”
“Well, we don’t,” Slim said quickly, “what I want to hear from you is how we’re going to get ourselves out of this fix?”
Jess just shrugged, “Well I dunno… you’re the boss, ain’t you?”
“Come on Jess you’ve been here a few months now, isn’t it time you took a tad more responsibility?” Slim asked angrily.
Jess sighed, “I suppose we’ll just hafta do as you say, spend less and work harder huh? We can’t do nuthin’ about the fact that we lost that stock in the floods. We’ll just have to wait on this next lot fattening up...nuthin’ else we can do far as I can see.”
Then he got up from the table, “You done jawing now? I wanna get off.”
“Off where?” Slim asked looking surprised.
“Well town of course. It’s Saturday night... you comin’?”
“Jess haven’t you been listening to a word I’ve been saying? We’re all going to have to stop spending and start saving our money.”
“Well, you can do what you damn well like,” Jess said, his lightning-fast temper suddenly erupting. “I’ve worked dang hard all week and I’ve got a hot date with a saloon gal and a bottle... so you comin’ or what?”
Slim shook his head and glared at his friend, “Nope I’m going to stay here and go over the accounts again.”
“Well suit your-self,” Jess said making for the door and snagging his hat from the peg as he went.
Then turning back, he said deadpan, “I know how you could save some money...git rid of me...that’d help the books some ...huh?” And he stormed out slamming the door behind him.Read More »


#87 The New Teacher

The New Teacher

Patty Wilkinson

(Please be aware some adult scenes, violence and strong language)

This was set before our boys had special girlfriends!

Slim Sherman

Supper had long finished and I was sitting at the table with Mike, helping him complete his homework.

He chewed the end of his pencil in concentration and then applied the point to the note book in front of him, writing carefully, a frown of concentration on his young face. After a few minutes he turned his big innocent eyes on me and said, “I guess that’s it Slim can you check the spelling for me, I sure wanna get this right for Miss Brown.

I turned and exchanged a smile with Jess who was sitting on his old rocker in front of the fire whittling a piece of wood into a small whistle for the boy. He winked back at me but said nothing. We both knew Mike’s sudden attention to his lessons was more to do with the massive crush he had on his new teacher rather than a genuine thirst for knowledge. However, we decided to take advantage of his new found enthusiasm for learning and help him all we could. That was the reason why he was still hitting the books, long after his bedtime.

Just at that moment Daisy entered the room from where she had been washing up the dishes in the kitchen and said, “Oh my Mike, what are you still doing up, its way past your bedtime.”

Mike looked across and replied, “Aw please Aunt Daisy, just a few more minutes I’ve gotta read this story out in class tomorrow and I have to get the spellin’ all right for Miss Brown.”

“Well, I’m sure Miss Brown would agree with me that you’ll do a whole lot better in school tomorrow on a good night’s sleep,” she replied.

Seeing the boy’s crestfallen expression, she softened and said, “Tell you what Mike, Slim will check the spellings and correct any that need doing and then we can look at it together after breakfast alright?”

He beamed at her, “OK, thanks Aunt Daisy,” he grinned and kissing us all went happily off to bed.

Daisy and I went and sat by the fireside with Jess and after a while I started chuckling to myself.

“What’s up Pard?” Jess asked.

“This story of Mike’s,” I replied, “it’s priceless.”

“Let’s hear it then,” he said, so I began to read.

“My Life, by Mike Williams Class 2”

'Jess and Slim are my best friends and they look after me real well and let me do good stuff like ridding
(sp) and swimming and helping out about the ranch. Aunt Daisy makes reel (sp) good food like apple pies and stuff like that. And she does reel (sp)l good hot chokolate ( sp)  too.
Slim is reel (
sp)  good at Math and riting (sp)  and Jess is reel (sp) good at breaking mustangs but he falls off a lot and says lots of bad words and then gets up again and gets back on the mustang. Aunt Daisy don’t let him back in the house until he’s washed up reel (sp) good when he has been falling off a lot.
Sometimes on a Saturday Slim and Jess go to town to the saloon. When they come back they smell of beer and laugh a lot and they always remember my candy.
I luv
(sp)my family very much and we have lots of fun.

We looked at each other and Daisy wiped away a tear, but whether from emotion or laughter I wasn’t sure.

Jess had been laughing as hard as I had, but he suddenly stopped and said, “We can’t let him read that to the new teacher! What in heck will she think of us? I can’t stay on a horse to save my life; I cuss something fearful and we’re forever down the saloon drinkin’ beer. She ain’t gonna think we’re the best of guardians, that’s for sure.”

Daisy beamed across at us, “I shouldn’t worry too much,” she said, “just read the last line again, I love my family very much. We have lots of fun”, that’s the important bit and I guess she will take the rest with a pinch of salt.

“I sure hope so,” I mused, “I sure hope so!”

The following morning at breakfast Daisy and I helped him sort out the spelling mistakes as promised and then we had to sit through another 10 minutes of hearing how wonderful his new teacher was.

“And not only is she real kind and real smart, but she’s real pretty too,” he finished with a sigh.

Just then we heard the early morning Stage rolling in and Jess and I went off to greet it and have some banter with the driver, our old friend Mose Shell. As usual Jess stood strategically placed with a hand out ready to open the door and Mose drew up to within an inch of where he stood and grinning down from the box said, “That’s four out of four this week Jess, if I get it right tomorrow, I guess you owe me a dollar.”

Jess started prevaricating but the argument was cut short as Mike ran out clutching his school bag and was unceremoniously bundled up into the coach. Mose grinned down at us, and with a cheery “See ya tonight,” he was off again at speed, scattering chickens as he went.

Jess and I stood watching as the Stage disappeared off in a cloud of dust and turning to me, he said, “The kid’s sure got it bad. I can’t wait to meet this new teacher if she is as wonderful as he thinks,” he added grinning across at me.

“Me too buddy,” I agreed, “Me too.”

Turns out we didn’t have too long to wait either as we finally met her the next Friday night at the Laramie Spring Dance.Read More »