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The Laramie Chronicles

My stories are based on the Laramie TV Show which aired between 1959 and 1963, staring Robert Fuller as Jess Harper and John Smith as Slim Sherman,two friends running a Ranch and Relay Station in 1870’s Wyoming.

Some stories also feature their housekeeper Mrs Daisy Cooper played by Spring Byington and Mike Williams their Ward played by Dennis Holmes.
Other characters featured were Sheriff Mort Corey, Stage driver Mose Shell,Slim’s younger brother Andy Sherman and an old family friend named Jonsey.

The stories are sometimes theme led as in Loved lost Survived where the subject of bereavement is explored, within the parameters of early 1870 western America.Many of the stories deal with issues of the time from lawlessness to the problems involved in eking out a living in the untamed west. The main framework of all the stories is the enduring friendship between the two, very different main characters.

Slim Sherman is the honest, straightforward ranch owner, who is a worrier and likes to do everything by the book and within the letter of the law. However once he befriends Jess Harper drifter, and ex gunslinger with a wild streak, his life changes forever. The unlikely duo team up and eventually become partners in the business but many trials and tribulations abound and life is never plain sailing.

I hope you will enjoy my take on this popular series. I have been writing these stories for over four years and have completed over fifty, many available on various Fanfic sites. It is my aim to compile them on this site,in time,as I have had many requests to collect them all together, so welcome to the new home of my Laramie Chronicles.


#99 Scapegoat


Patty Wilkinson

(Some strong language, adult themes and violence)

Chapter 1

Jess Harper groaned softly and then tried to open his eyes. He could smell damp and he could feel he was covered by a course blanket...then his eyes finally flicked open and he surveyed the scene before him with deep shock and foreboding.
Instead of his bed at the Sherman Ranch and Relay he seemed to be in a cold damp cell...but why and how had he got there?
He raised his head from the pillow in order to see around him a little better and then sank back immediately yelping in pain. His head felt like it might split open at any moment. His mouth was dry with the metallic taste of blood and he ached all over. Even worse his mind was a complete fog; he hardly knew who he was, much less where he was.
Then a rough voice on the other side of the bars yelled loudly, “Prisoner’s awake Sheriff.”
Jess raised his head more cautiously this time and looked over to where a redheaded Deputy stood watching him and chewing baccy. His pale ugly face strangely familiar.
Jess tried to swallow and ran his tongue over his dry lips before saying, “What in hell am I doin’ in here?”
The Deputy glanced down at him slyly and said, “Well dontcha remember? We brought ya in for bank robbery and murder.”
Then a tall rangy man in his forties loomed into view from behind the deputy and stared coldly at Jess.
“What’s up, can’t remember huh?” and he sniggered and gave his Deputy a sideways glance.
“I know I dang well I ain’t robbed a bank or murdered anyone,” Jess said aggressively. “What I don’t know is why I’m being framed.”
“Oh, you can keep that story up as long as you want,” the Sheriff growled, “won’t do you any good boy. The Judge will be by any day now to try you...so you’d better start makin’ things right with your Maker, because you’ll be seeing him soon enough.”Read More »


Birthday Greetings!

 Wishing the lovely Bob Fuller AKA Jess Harper a very Happy 90th Birthday!


Short Story The Birthday

The Birthday!

A Short story by Patty Wilkinson

(For Effie with love and thanks)

NB First Published in 2015 and added to this site 2017

Slim Sherman, the tall blond rancher and owner of the Sherman Ranch and Relay Station, wandered across the bedroom he shared with his friend and business partner Jess Harper. He looked down at his sleeping buddy, Jess’s black hair was mussed up and falling across his forehead; his slender face looking decidedly young and innocent in repose.
Slim chuckled to himself and thought how appearances could be deceptive. Young…well, maybe...but innocent?
Slim reached down and shook his buddy firmly by the shoulders, before attempting to pull the bedding off when he got no response.
“Come on, Jess, roll out. It’s late and we’ve got a lot to get through today.”
“Gerr off,” came the angry, if sleepy, retort as the young cowboy made a grab for the sheet, his eyes still tightly closed. He rolled onto his side away, from the harsh intrusion into his sweet dreams.
“Jess, will you get your ornery hide out of your pit or do I have to shoot that bed from under you?”
“Aw, Slim, will you leave a body alone? I was just dreaming about Millie...and it was gettin’ real interesting.”
“Well, tough. Get up, pard. Breakfast’s on the table, and you know it’s the day Miss Daisy’s cronies from the women’s group are visiting. She’s fussing and fretting already.”
Jess muttered something very rude under his breath before he finally sat up, his deep blue eyes gazing around the room in confusion, before scratching his head and dragging himself up towards the washstand.Read More »