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The Laramie Chronicles

My stories are based on the Laramie TV Show which aired between 1959 and 1963, staring Robert Fuller as Jess Harper and John Smith as Slim Sherman,two friends running a Ranch and Relay Station in 1870’s Wyoming.

Some stories also feature their housekeeper Mrs Daisy Cooper played by Spring Byington and Mike Williams their Ward played by Dennis Holmes.
Other characters featured were Sheriff Mort Corey, Stage driver Mose Shell,Slim’s younger brother Andy Sherman and an old family friend named Jonsey.

The stories are sometimes theme led as in Loved lost Survived where the subject of bereavement is explored, within the parameters of early 1870 western America.Many of the stories deal with issues of the time from lawlessness to the problems involved in eking out a living in the untamed west. The main framework of all the stories is the enduring friendship between the two, very different main characters.

Slim Sherman is the honest, straightforward ranch owner, who is a worrier and likes to do everything by the book and within the letter of the law. However once he befriends Jess Harper drifter, and ex gunslinger with a wild streak, his life changes forever. The unlikely duo team up and eventually become partners in the business but many trials and tribulations abound and life is never plain sailing.

I hope you will enjoy my take on this popular series. I have been writing these stories for over four years and have completed over fifty, many available on various Fanfic sites. It is my aim to compile them on this site,in time,as I have had many requests to collect them all together, so welcome to the new home of my Laramie Chronicles.


#83 The New Deputy

The New Deputy
Patty Wilkinson

Some violence, adult themes and strong language
Many thanks to Michelle Butler for the use of her excellent screen cap.

Chapter 1
Mort Cory, Sheriff of Laramie and good friend to all at the Sherman Ranch, had been like a bear with the toothache for nigh on two weeks according to Jess Harper. He just didn’t know what had gotten into his friend.
He didn’t want to call at the saloon and sink the odd glass of refreshing beer, he didn’t want to eat his fill at Miss Molly’s eating house and he certainly didn’t want to pass the time of day with any of his old friends.
“I just can’t figure it,” said Jess as he buttered a biscuit at the breakfast table. “I thought maybe it was somthin ’ I’d done but I ran into Kate Munroe the other day and she said the same, he’s just turned real ornery.
“Maybe he’s sick,” suggested Daisy, the ranch housekeeper, ex-nurse and fount of all knowledge concerning folk and their strange little ways; as Jess described the human condition.
Slim Sherman the tall blond rancher got to his feet, ready to start the day’s work and said, “No, I don’t think so Daisy, he seems fit enough to me. Nope maybe he’s just feeling kind of er...frustrated, you know with Miss Kate refusing to wed him and all.”
The relationship Mort had with Kate Munroe was a complex one. With Kate spending most of the year up the Laramie Mountain; which she loved for the freedom and outdoors lifestyle. Here she had a platonic relationship with a distant cousin, Denver James and his sons, renowned moonshine makers. But she was also a huge part of Mort’s life and spent quality time with him too but refused to settle down. Jess had once said they broke the mold when Kate was born. A wise woman well versed in the art of Indian medicine, she was as tough as any man, able to out shoot, fish or drink most. But she still retained an allure that was irresistible to many men, even now in her more mature years.
“Well I aim to get to the bottom of it once and for all when I ride into town later,” Jess said with the light of battle in his deep blue eyes. “After all he’s a real good friend and if something is bothering him, we should try and help him out some huh?”
Ignoring Jess’s altruistic sentiments Slim glared at him, “Please tell me you’re not going to town again, garldarn it Jess that’s the third time this week!”
“Well we need stuff from the mercantile, don’t we Daisy?” He asked throwing her a hopeful glance.
“Do we dear?” she asked returning his look with one of kindly innocence.
“Sure, you remember, you said you were getting real low on cinnamon for the apple pies and.... er...”
But before Jess could continue Slim broke in, “Come on Jess just because its high summer and not too much work to do, that doesn’t mean you can go swanning off to town to spend all your day in Miss Millie’s bed....er company I mean...” he quickly corrected himself in deference to Daisy’s presence.
“I weren’t thinkin’ of even callin’ in on Millie,” Jess said looking the picture of self-righteous indignation. “Heck she’ll be way too busy working in the saloon, this weather its full all the dang time. Folk get a mighty strong thirst in this hot weather. Nope I’ll go to the mercantile, then call in on Mort and be home for the afternoon Stage, supper at the latest,” he amended.
“Sure you will,” drawled Slim winking at Daisy and recovering his temper some. After all, if a man couldn’t idle away the odd summer afternoon with his girl then what was the point in working fit to drop the rest of the year. Nope he’d just make darned sure he got to go visit with his girl, Lily, the following week.Read More »


#82 A Time of Atonement

A Time of Atonement
Patty Wilkinson
Many thanks to Cindy-Lou Penny Mussack for use of her screen cap)
(Some strong language, adult themes and violence)
(Atonement is the concept of a person taking action to correct previous wrongdoing on their part, either through direct action to undo the consequences of that act, equivalent action to do good for others, or some other expression of feelings of remorse.)

Part One
Chapter 1

Jess Harper lay on his back in the shade of an old cottonwood, chewing on a blade of grass and thinking about his girl Millie.
It was high summer. All the stock now grazing contentedly up on the higher ground and the fences had all been mended along with most of the harnesses. Even the outhouse had finally been painted at the request of Mrs Daisy Cooper.
Now Jess stretched languidly and rolled his head to look at where his pard Slim Sherman was snoring lightly beside him. Jess grinned and then wickedly dug the blond rancher in the ribs with his elbow, “Wake up Slim, time to make a move.”
“Uh...huh...wha...?” Slim said surfacing from a deep sleep.
Jess nodded to where the sun was slowly beginning to sink in the west, “Nearly supper time buddy, don’t wanna be late do ya? Miss Daisy was planning on Chicken and Dumplings tonight you know.”
Slim shook his head to try and wake up and said irritably, “Don’t you ever think of anything other than your stomach Jess?”
“Well sure I do,” Jess replied in mock annoyance, “I think of Millie...a lot if ya wanna know.”
“Uh, that’d be right, your belly and women.”
“Hey, not women Slim,” he said genuinely put out now. “That may have been true once, but it’s just Millie now, you know that.”
“I reckon that’s true,” Slim conceded, “and about time you settled down, the amount of wild oats you’ve dang well sown.”
Jess stood up and dusted himself down with his hat, “I uh...thought I might ride into town tomorrow, pick up supplies and um...maybe catch up with Millie,” he said hopefully.
Slim frowned, “I don’t think we need any supplies, do we?”
Jess narrowed his eyes and thought deeply for a minute or two, then, “Nails,” he said triumphantly, “we’re powerful low on nails Slim.”
“We are huh? So, what were you thinking of nailing then Jess?”
“Well I don’t know do I?” Jess replied hotly, “It could be real awkward iffen we’re caught without any though.”
Slim chuckled, “Nice try pard but I think your romancing is just going to have to wait until Saturday night, just like mine. Miss Daisy’s got a job for you tomorrow.”
Jess looked wary, “Huh, first I’ve heard of it. So, what does she want doing?”
“New shelves in the larder, says one is so darned wobbly she’s in danger of losing all the bottled goods and that includes peaches for those pies you’re so fond of Jess. I said you’d make it a priority.”
“Me, but why me...huh?”
“Because I’m going to be spending the day doing the end of month returns and you’ll be glad to know things are looking pretty good. The books are definitely back in the black.”
Jess grinned and slapped his partner on the back, before making for his horse.
They’d suffered some severe money problems earlier in the year, but now after a lot of hard work things were getting back on track. Gee it had been worth all that effort he’d put in breaking those dang mustangs he reflected. Now with the relief of solvency and the easy living of the summer ahead he figured they could both ease off and relax some. Maybe even find time for that fishing trip they’d been talking about he pondered.
Then he jumped athletically up into the saddle, “Come on, race ya back,” he yelled as he kneed Traveller off to a brisk canter, across the home pasture and into the yard.Read More »


#81 The Doppelganger

The Doppelganger
Patty Wilkinson
(Some violence, strong language and adult themes)

Chapter 1
It was a peaceful early summer’s evening at the Sherman ranch and relay station. Slim and Jess were sitting relaxing and chatting quietly whilst young Mike finished his homework at the dining table.
After a while the child let out a huge sigh and Jess exchanged an amused glance with his pard before turning to the youngster.
“What’s up Tiger?” he asked kindly, “Those spellings real hard tonight huh?”
“No, it’s not that Jess, I’ve learned them pretty good I think…it’s this last part I have to do.”
Slim stood up and stretched before he wandered over to join the boy, leaning over his work.
“Can I help you Mike?” he asked, “It’s getting pretty near your bedtime you know.”
The child sighed again, “We have ta look in the dictionary and choose a real long word we haven’t seen before. Then write down what it means and read it to the class tomorrow and tell everyone what it means.”
“Well that shouldn’t be too taxing,” Jess said grinning at the boy, “I figure there are more words in that old dictionary that you don’t know than those you do!”
“Yes, but that’s the point Jess, there’s too much choice I just don’t know which word to choose.”
“Well that’s easy Tiger just open the book at random, close your eyes and put yer finger down on the page…and that’s yer word…easy!”
“Heck that’s a swell idea Jess, why didn’t I think of that!”
Slim and Jess exchanged another grin as the boy did as he was bid.
But then he looked totally puzzled, “Well I’ve never seen that word before…dopper…dopul…”
Slim glanced down and grinned, “Doppelganger Mike.”
“What the heck does that mean?” Jess and Mike asked in unison.
Slim looked over the boy’s shoulder and read aloud from the dictionary:
“A doppelganger is a mysterious, exact double of a living person. It's a German word that literally translates to "double walker" or "double goer". A doppelganger isn't someone who just resembles you, but is an exact double, right down to the way you walk, act, talk, and dress. Sometimes they are regarded as a ghost or harbinger of bad luck.”

“Gee that’s so neat!” Mike said,” I bet nobody else will have a great word like that.”

“I just hope you don’t hafta learn how to spell it before tomorrow, or we’ll be here all dang night,” Jess said dryly.

“Oh no you won’t young man, ” Daisy said marching in from the kitchen where she’d been washing the dishes… She peered down at the homework assignment and said, “No dear, you just have to read it out…so you copy that out and then off to bed…and we’ll practice saying the word at breakfast time,” she added kindly.Read More »