#80 Andy Slim and Me -End of an Era

Andy, Slim & Me - End of an Era

By Patty Wilkinson(Some strong language, adult themes and violence)

Third of the Trilogy of the ‘Andy, Slim & Me’ stories

As told by Jess Harper.

Times they’d been changing since I’d first moved into the Sherman Ranch and Relay Station...I guess me arriving with a greased holster and trouble in both pockets, as Slim termed it, kinda changed things some...me in particular. But then over the first and second year I was there I reckon everyone who slept under that ol’ roof changed some...and in some real special ways too.
I guess the biggest change in me was when I put my old gunslinger weapon up for good and decided to throw in my lot at the Sherman place...Well I reckon there were a few times I regretted that decision...But maybe not as much as Slim, Andy and old Jonesy had cause to. What with my wild ways and all...But I figure generally they ended up feelin’ kinda glad I was a part of the set up. And dang it, I never thought I’d say this...but I was real glad to have a place to call home...a place where I could really make something of myself.
Anyways I’d been there a while when Slim decided that it was time young Andy left home to head off for a St Louis Boarding School and get all educated up as per his Pa’s last wish...Well I’d spoken to the boy about it and it looked like he was pretty much fired up to move on. To get the kinda education he needed under his belt to be an animal doc... or as Slim said hopefully, even a real proper Doc...
Well that was until the day he was to leave the ranch loomed closer and closer...and it looked like he was having second thoughts....Read More »


#79 Andy Slim and Me- What Happened Next.

Andy, Slim and Me – What Happened Next?
Patty Wilkinson
Second of a Trilogy Andy, Slim & Me Stories

Some strong language, adult themes an and violence

Forward by Jess Harper

I guess those first few weeks and months at the Sherman Ranch and Relay were kinda eventful in more ways than one. I reckon it was a time of learning…us all getting to know and trust each other and heck that didn’t come easy.
See I was just findin’ my feet. Even beginning to think that Wyoming might be the kind of place I could settle, put down roots, heck really make a go of things…Then the Durkin brothers arrived and turned everything upside down…* See #78 Andy Slim & Me
I won’t go into the details, but when Andy was put in grave danger, well then, I felt I really should move on...It was only the fact that I managed to save Andy’s life that made Slim realize I would never let him or the kid down. Well I guess that really strengthened the bond between us all…especially me and Slim and I was persuaded to stay.
Then there was Mort Cory. Jeez I never thought I’d count a lawman as one of my good friends but it was sure shaping up that way. I figure he rated me as much as I did him, especially when the chips were down and you needed a good man at yer back. It had been Mort who helped me out when the whole town had turned against me after an old flame, Durkin’ s sister, had spread lies of the very worst kind about me. The Sheriff helped to ‘exonerate’, me ...Slim’ s words. So now I was in pretty good standing with everyone…well almost everyone…
As to old Jonesy , well I guess he figured the jury was still out as far as I was concerned and there was no way he was cutting me any slack…That was until one day in high summer of that first year that I started to call the Sherman place home…. and he needed my help.Read More »


Stay Safe

Dear Readers,

Due to all the crazy things that are going on in the world right now I thought it might be a good idea to send a little ‘Happy Card’ to you all.

Just to say I hope you are keeping well and safe and that you are in good spirits. I guess none of us have ever lived through times like these and it is certainly challenging for us all!

However we are a resourceful people and usually rise to the occasion, so I’m sure all will be well...just a case of sitting tight and riding out the storm!

I do hope that you are surviving well and things are not too difficult. As my dear old Ma always said, ‘All things pass in time!’

Take care and look after your-self, keep calm and carry on reading!

A new story will be out soon. In the mean time stay safe and well,

All good wishes from Jess and I,

Patty xxx


#78 Andy Slim amd Me - The Beginning

Andy, Slim and Me – The Beginning
Patty Wilkinson

The First of a Trilogy of when Jess first moved to the Sherman Ranch
As told by Jess Harper


When I think back to those early days when I first rode onto the Sherman spread it seems like a different lifetime…a different me. Back before Mike and Daisy landed, life was often difficult, dang it...it was downright dangerous at times…and in more ways than one.
Millie was back down in Texas in those days and seeing some guy…who I didn’t think a whole lot of to be honest. But I guess it was easier not to think on it too much. She seemed happy enough and so who was I to go messin’ up her life and then ridin’ out again as had been the pattern in the past.
So no, back in those days it was just Andy, Slim and me Jess Harper…oh yeah and Jonesy of course…I can’t forget old Jonesy….Read More »